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About the journal

Dear readers!
The Journal of Current Therapy of Mental Disorders has been published since 2006 and is peer-reviewed. The journal is indexed by Russian Science Citation Index and adheres to the international ethical principles for scientific publications of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The main aim of our journal is to provide wide range of specialists with relevant information on the latest domestic and international evidence-based knowledge on the management of mental disorders.
The editors regularly acquaint readers with the latest Russian and international investigations on the treatment of mental illness. Along with the publication of articles on the latest achievements of biological psychiatry, the journal presents the results of neuropsychiatric studies on the pathogenesis of mental disorders and the mechanisms of action of psychopharmacologic agents, as well as relevant reviews, meta-analyzes, treatment algorithms, clinical guidelines, expert consensus statements. The journal also highlights the questions of psychotherapy.
We believe that such interdisciplinary approach will be useful for all specialists who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with different types of mental disorders. 
In order to select high-quality and reliable information, editorial board members review original Russian articles to publish only studies carried out in accordance with accepted standards of evidence-based medicine. We prioritize randomized controlled trials as well as systematic literature review analysis.
By combining different approaches to the treatment and secondary prevention of mental illness as well as considering the rehabilitation of patients with mental disorders as multifaceted process, we hope to provide assistance to private and general practitioners, workers of day care, dispensaries, crisis hospitals and psychiatric clinics.
The journal is published every quarter. Our goal is the widest possible distribution of the publication. Therefore, our readers have free access to all journal issues. We hope that when receiving our journal, they will not only read it, but will also enter into a lively discussion of published materials, share their experiences and their own observations. Perhaps this discussion will encourage birth of the new knowledge, combining the best from various fields of medicine.
The editors will be grateful for any constructive feedback and suggestions.

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor Mosolov S.N.

Our main principles
1. Open access
The journal is free for both authors, who share their materials, and readers.
2. Journal archive 
All issues of the journal are published in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) ( and in the Russian State Library
3. Article identification
The journal uses DOI to identify articles.
4.The manuscripts review procedure
1. All manuscripts received by the journal are reviewed.
2. The article is initially evaluated by the editorial board for general compliance with the journal policy and publication requirements and may be rejected by the editor-in-chief
3. Next, the article is sent for review to two or three candidates or doctors of science, whose specialization is the closest to the topic of the manuscript. Peer review is double blind and anonymous: the reviewer is not aware of the authors identity and vice versa.
4. The length of peer review may vary, but does not exceed thirty business days.
5. The review is carried out in accordance with the template approved by the editors, which the executive secretary sends to reviewers by e-mail.
6. In case the review contains recommendations for revision, executive secretary sends the text of the article to back the author with the suggestion to edit the manuscript according to corrections or refute them reasonably (partially or completely). Modified article is should not be sent for repeated review and final publication decision is made be the editor-in-chief.
7. In case one of the reviewers does not recommend the article for publication, we invite additional reviewer. In case two reviewers do not recommended the article for publication, it is not accepted for re-consideration. The reviews with motivated rejection are sent to the author by email, fax or registered mail.
8. When the article is approved by reviewers and accepted for publication, the executive secretary informs the author and indicates the date of publication. The review is sent to the author by email.
9. Reviews are posted on the journal website in the RSCI. The original reviews are archived for three years to submit upon request to the competent authorities.
Plagiarism policy
All articles submitted by the editorial office are tested for plagiarism using the system We require the article uniqueness of at least 80% to be accepted.

Distribution of published materials
Reproduction of materials published in this in this journal is permitted for the purpose of writing scientific papers, provided that the correct citation is made. Other reproduction of materials is allowed only with the written permission of the publisher.
Contact with the site administrator and the editors of the journal if you have any questions using the following email: